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How I Made $1500 on Clickbank With a $0 Investment

I'm going to keep this guide simple for the people new to affiliate marketing. This is not something huge, is possible to scale, but goes to show you that old fashioned hard work still works.

Below is a screenshot that shows you how much money I've been able to make on a side project promoting products only using blog comments/reddit comments/forum posts, also known by some old-timers as the "Meathead method".

You basically spam the web all over with your link and hope for conversions. I've been doing this on and off for close to a year at this point, and this is a screenshot of my total earnings from this method alone:

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Copy & paste is all I did to earn this money.

And now the traffic comes every single month and I keep making sales.

So, how did I do it?

Step 1: find a Clickbank offer with low gravity (between 1-25).
Step 2: either buy a domain name if you can afford it, or register a free one. You can even use a Blogspot blog for this purpose and place a 301 redirect in it if you're really broke.
Step 3: redirect domain name to your affiliate link.
Step 2: find relevant blog posts and forum threads.
Step 3: leave a good comment where you add value, and recommend your product as the solution.
Step 4: profit!

It took me a few days of getting started with this to get my first sale, but then I just kept going and going once I realized what worked. I now make at least $3-500 monthly without adding new comments or forum posts around the web.

It takes a lot of time and you're not guaranteed any success. There's probably better ways of spending your time but if you've got nothing, why not just start here? It might just be the change you need.

Hope this inspires people out there. For those of you that are new to affiliate marketing, this is an easy way to get your first few sales and maybe get the capital to get your online ventures started.

I wish you the best of luck :)

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