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How I Made $5000 In 24 Hours With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing (PROOF INSIDE)

How I Made $5000 In 24 Hours With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing (PROOF INSIDE)

This video is about how to make money with Clickbank affiliate marketing. The speaker of the video, Dre, claims that he made $5,000 in a week using this method.

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Here are the steps outlined in the video:

  1. Find a Clickbank product to promote. Dre recommends using a website called CB Snooper to find hot-selling products.
  2. Choose a niche. According to the video, the health and fitness niche is the most profitable niche on Clickbank.
  3. Give away a freebie in exchange for people's email addresses. This could be an ebook or some other type of digital product.
  4. Pay someone to create a video promoting your freebie. Dre suggests finding someone on Fiverr to do this.
  5. Find YouTube channels in your niche and pay them to promote your freebie in their video descriptions.

Here are some additional things to note:

  • Dre says that he created an ebook with affiliate links for a Clickbank product and paid people on Fiverr to put those links in their videos.
  • The speaker says that this is a method he has never shared before.
  • He also says that people are more likely to buy from someone they trust, so giving away a freebie is a good way to build trust with potential customers.

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